3 Reasons to Buy Wine Online

3 Reasons to Buy Wine Online

Most people buy lots of things online - such as clothes, food, electronics, and beauty products. We can buy all of those things in brick and mortar stores, so why do we shop for them online? Three main reasons: better selection, convenience, and lower prices. Not many people realize this, but the online wine industry now offers all three of those attractive qualities as well.


Shopping for wine online gives customers access to amazing wines that are handcrafted by boutique wineries. You won't find these wines on store shelves, and they are flat out better than the wines produced by large corporations and massive wineries. You'll recognize the difference when you taste it.


It's hard to beat shopping in your pajamas on the couch when it's polar vortexing outside. Shopping online also lets you avoid the creepy guy at the store who repeatedly tries to upsell you on the "new arrivals." Plus, it's nice to not have to lug heavy bottles of wine home from the store. Instead, you can have them shipped right to your doorstep!


Most wine sites can't compete with the $5 bottle of wine that you can buy at any grocery store — but those are the mass produced wines that lack character and flavor. What some of them can ensure is that you get the best "shipped to your door" price on the wines that are available. At Winestyr, shipping is never more than $10. Plus, we always have some great deals on our sale page if you're looking for a bargain.

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