A Guide to All Things Olivia Pope and Wine

Olivia Pope with Wine and Popcorn
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She’s having an affair with the President of the United States, her dad was the head of the country’s most secret Special Operations unit, and she was recently kidnapped only to be sold on the black market.  If anyone deserves a glass of wine then it’s America’s favorite fixer and star of ABC’s hit series Scandal, Olivia Pope, played by the amazing Kerry Washington. Olivia Pope and wine are the most dynamic of duos, a love affair that has lasted four seasons, one that has weathered the trials and tribulations of dating the most powerful man on Earth and realizing your own mother was a terrorist.  After a long day of fixing political scandals and visiting her boyfriend, the President, at his home, the White House, without anyone ever finding out (ah, television) Olivia Pope unwinds with a glass of … well, what wine is she drinking exactly? And how amazing is that glass? Is that ever present bowl of popcorn actually the perfect wine pairing? This Guide to All Things Olivia Pope and Wine will answer your burning questions as fast as it takes Huck to hack into the CIA’s database.

The Wine: While a specific brand is never mentioned, Olivia has been known to talk about the Bordeaux region of France and Kerry Washington herself has confirmed that Olivia is a Shiraz fan. One can assume that Ms. Pope favors full-bodied reds based on the appearance of her glass which makes sense, as a fruity Pinot Noir just wouldn’t seem to do the trick after discovering your father kidnapped your mother. A red Bordeaux is a French wine consisting of a blend of a variety of red grapes, usually Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Verdot and/or Cabernet Franc. A mature Bordeaux is described as elegant, silky, and even velvety in your mouth. Check out this guide to romantic destinations around the world to learn a bit more about Bordeaux, France. Shiraz (also referred to as Syrah) originated in Australia and is known for a smoky or peppery taste and is a very deep red color, similar to the color usually seen in Olivia’s wine glass. Next time you find yourself in the wine aisle and think of Olivia Pope and wine, channel your inner Gladiator and grab one of these full-bodied red varietals.

The Popcorn: If you’re watching Scandal and the scene involves Olivia Pope and wine there is usually a large bowl of popcorn involved (spoiler alert: Olivia has never actually finished this bowl of popcorn). While red wine and popcorn may seem to be lacking in the nutrition department, interestingly enough Olivia may be onto something with her seemingly odd pairing. Try a truffle popcorn with that Bordeaux you just picked up, as their similar flavors will pair well together and you can never have too much truffle.  For those who want to celebrate sitting on their couch eating a bowl of popcorn, pop a bottle of crisp champagne as the bubbly sparkling wine will go excellent with a classic buttered popcorn. All that’s missing is your own personal Jake Ballard and a Gettysburger.

The Glass: The concept of Olivia Pope and wine is not complete without her infamous wine glass and if you’re like me then perfect glassware can make any beverage taste better. This elegant, extremely long-stemmed wine glass is no exception and is sure to make that $25 bottle of Bordeaux taste like a 1994 Châteauneuf du Pape. Look no further avid wine glass fanatics because this glass is available on Crate and Barrel. Described as having an “elongated stem with a bubble bowl perfect for allowing wines to open up and breathe” this wine glass is guaranteed to have you moving to D.C. and opening your own Olivia Pope and Associates.

The Guide to All Things Olivia Pope and Wine was created with the intent to aide all Scandal fans in their quest to enhance their viewing experience with wine and popcorn the way Olivia would intend it. Visit the White House and begin an affair with the President at your own risk.


By Madison Rosinski


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    Charles Metzger
    Wonderful article, very well written can't wait to get you to the wine capital of california--that would be glendora--for our home winery Harvest. Get your papa to bring you it would be great fun. We have 400 vines mostly sangiovase that Kathy and Nino have experienced the pruning fun. This is chuck and Barb although we don't know you well we can appreciate excellent writing!!! Hope to see you soon