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Winestyr Chicago 648 West Randolph Street West Loop

Winestyr Chicago: Frequently Asked Questions

So, here's the deal...

Until now, Winestyr has been an online wine business that helps customers discover and purchase the best small-production wines America has to offer. We recently opened our first brick & mortar location, Winestyr Chicago, located in Chicago's West Loop at 648 West Randolph Street. 

Winestyr Chicago is basically a showroom for Winestyr's product offerings but we make the in-person experience fun, cool, and educational. We use this space to show off the amazing wineries we work with and our best-in-class wine club offerings. If you're familiar with Bonobos, Trunk Club, or Warby Parker, then you will likely understand the concept. The Winestyr Chicago experience is similar to paying a visit to one of their guideshops to figure out the types of clothes or glasses that you'd like to purchase, only we're promoting really interesting wines that you won't find on store shelves in Chicago or other parts of the country.

Since we're not a wine bar or a restaurant, people often have questions about what goes on at Winestyr Chicago. So, without further ado, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we've received.

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