DIY: Chalkboard Wine Bottles & Cork Coasters

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If given the choice between a full wine bottle and an empty one, I'll always opt for the full . But with the growing number of wine-related projects on sites like Pinterest or Craftgawker, empty bottles don't fill me with quite the sense of dread that they used to. Instead, I arm myself with a hot glue gun and some spray paint, and turn those sad bottles into useful, fun decor.


A simple way to turn old bottles into customizable vases, centerpieces, or storage containers


Empty wine bottle             Chalk
Chalkboard spray paint      Twine (optional)


  1. Wash out your wine bottle and remove the label. If it’s tough to remove, let the bottle soak in warm water for 30 minutes and try again. Then let your bottle dry completely.
  2. In an open area, spray the bottle with chalkboard paint (which is available at most craft stores). Make sure you cover it completely, and double check the bottom, as it’s easy to miss a spot. Then let it dry.
  3.  If you’re happy with the plain vase, you’re done! But if you’d like to add a little something extra, we recommend twine or yarn wrapped around the neck for a pop of color.


There's no better way to show off all the craft wine brands you've found on Winestyr than making a set of coasters for your coffee table or bar.


8 corks (per coaster)         Hot glue gun


  1. Lay out your corks and make sure they’re all similar in size.  
  2. Hot glue your corks in four pairs of two, then let the glue cool completely.
  3. Arrange your cork pairs in a square and glue them together. Be sure to only use a thin line of hot glue, otherwise it may show between the corks, even once it's dry.

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Jordan Johnson


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