How to Hold a Wine Glass (Correctly)

Hold your wine glass the way it feels most comfortable

Become a wine expert (part 5): How to hold a wine glass 
It's a common fallacy that a wine glass should only be held by the stem.  The reasoning behind holding a wine glass this way is to avoid having your body heat affect the temperature of the wine.  If the wine is served at the correct temperature (which you can learn more about for red wine and white wine), then you should hold the glass only by the stem.  

However, wine is often-times served too cold - especially white wines.  In these instances, it is ok to hold the wine glass by the bowl.  The subtle warming effect of your hand will actually bring the wine to the proper temperature.  Furthermore, heat releases the "nose" of a wine, so before smelling the wine, it is acceptable to hold the bowl to release more of the wine's bouquet.  Either way, hold the wine glass how you deem most comfortable, because there is nothing worse than spilled wine.  Follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email at if you have any questions.  Cheers!

Robert Wilson, CSW


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