Is a bottle shop a good place to buy wine?

Bottle Shop

It certainly can be, but you could also be sold some snake oil.

Unless wine is shipped direct to you from the winery, you are getting it from a retailer, and ALL bottle shops are retailers. Under the three-tier system that governs alcoholic beverage distribution, retailers must, by law, purchase their inventory from wholesalers. They cannot, BY LAW, purchase directly from producers. There are a limited number of exceptions to this general rule but the bottom line is that if the wholesalers did not purchase from the producer, the retailers can’t get it (which means neither can you!). A large amount of consolidation in the wine industry has resulted largely in a handful of giant wholesalers catering to a handful of mass producers. These folks are masters in the art of marketing and will brand wine to make you think it is a rare find. Many retailers (bottle shops) are also experts in this art. 

Thus, while there are SOME retailers (bottle shops) who may be able to get wine direct from producers, and/or have relationships with small wholesalers, awesome craft wine can often be very difficult to find. Also, let’s be honest – you’re probably not going to walk in and ask the person in the bottle shop wearing a tuxedo, giving off a bs attitude, and speaking in a fake European accept for a travel history of a $20-50 bottle of wine. That’s where Winestyr comes in. When you purchase on our site, you are purchasing straight from the winery.  We’re simply making access to these authentic small producers easier and more trustworthy for you.


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