Is Red Wine Good For Me?

Red Wine

We’re not doctors, but when enjoyed appropriately and responsibly we think it certainly can be.  Here’s my recipe for how red wine is good for me.  I try to practice this as often as possible and did so this past weekend.  Feel free to put your own spin on it.

1. Round of golf with good friends/family.

2. Beer with the gang upon finishing.

3. Go home, get cleaned up, and meet back up around 5 pm for cocktails at my house

*(I had a dirty martini with garlic stuffed olives.  (Note - my martini is made a bit differently, but that link is a good place to start if you're just learning).

*This is also when spouses join, which makes things even more fun.

4. Open the wine and sit down to dinner.

*We had an Italian Chicken Sausage dish that my wife knocked out of the park with some of this Grenache from Andis Wines.

5. Enjoy the good food, good wine, and most importantly the pleasure of the company of great people.

6. Finish it all off with a neat glass of Scotch.

If you try this, or your own version of it, you will find that you are happier, more relaxed, and just generally healthier. That’s how wine (red or white) can be good for you.  Boom!


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