Is Shipping Beer Legal?

Beer bottles

The short answer to this question is maybe.

As mentioned in a PREVIOUS POST, alcoholic beverage laws, rules, and regulations are mostly set forth at the state level.  This holds true for beer, wine, and liquor but most state regulators and/or legislators have chosen to treat the three differently for regulatory purposes.  While 40 states allow some form of direct wine shipments, very few, if any states allow direct shipments for beer or liquor.  If you are able to find a resource that allows for beer shipments to your location, chances are it is coming from a retailer and NOT directly from the brewer.  Thus, while you might have beer shipped to you, your access to beer will still be limited to what the middlemen (wholesalers and retailers) decided to make available.  In other words, there may be some AWESOME craft beer producers that you'll never hear about because of the protectionist framework handed down by our elected officials under the guise of keeping us safe.

By now you probably know that Winestyr facilitates wine shipments directly from producer to consumer.  Thus, we provide that alternative channel of access to those amazing finds that the middlemen don't let you get to.  While we would love to do the same for craft beer, there simply is no legal way for us to do it... yet.  We're hopeful that someday, the powers that be will change their minds.  Until then, we will continue our noble cause in wine!


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