New Year, Better Wine : Part 1

Make Fewer Impulse Purchases

Face it: you're in a wine rut. We're here to help you easily switch up your routine and make 2014 your year of better wine.


Do Your Research

Whether you know it or not, you probably spend almost as much money on wine as you do on clothes, electronics, and other things around the house.If you drink two $15 bottles of wine per week, that's over $100/month, and almost $1,500/year that you spend on wine — and that's on the low end for many of us! Take the time to discover the wines that fit you best, just like you do with other big purchases.

Don't Let the Label Trick You

There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the wine industry.  If you didn't already know, over 50% of the wine sold on store shelves is produced by three massive wine companies. These corporations focus just as much on marketing as they do on producing quality wine.  Wouldn't you rather spend your money with a winery that focuses 100% on making great wine?

Buy in Bulk

There are a multitude of reasons why buying wine in bulk is a good idea and we'll elaborate on them next week. In short, when you find some wines that you really like, buying them in bulk will help eliminate impulse trips to the wine aisle at the grocery or liquor store.

Jordan Johnson


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