What is Your Favorite Wine?

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Being in the wine business, we often get asked, "what is your favorite wine?"  Sometimes people are want to know a specific bottle while others are more interested in something more general, like our favorite varietal.  Regardless of the specific inquiry, the answer is generally the same; and it surprises a lot of people.  

My favorite wine is generally whatever I am drinking at any particular moment.  I know that sounds funny and perhaps indicative of a problem, but before you jump to conclusions hear me out. 

As mentioned in a PREVIOUS POST, wine is meant to be explored.  This means exploring across different varietals, vintages, regions, etc.  It also means that different wines are best for certain purposes.  For instance, whatever Cabernet I might be drinking on a snowy night with a giant ribeye is likely going to be awesome (especially if I got it through Winestyr).  If you were to have that same cab on a hot summer day with a light seafood dish, it would likely not be your favorite wine.  In fact, you probably wouldn’t even like it.

Thus, if you truly want to appreciate wine then you must abandon the concept that you can or should have one “favorite wine.”  However, to have favorite wines for certain purposes or experiences is not weird at all.  I certainly have my personal preferences for certain purposes, and they are constantly evolving with my discovery of new and amazing wines.

At Winestyr, we’re here to help you select amazing craft wines that will be your favorite wines for whatever you need.  Our wines are all “good” and each could certainly be a candidate for your favorite for any given purpose or occasion.  We’ll help you understand which wines will be appropriate for your needs and perhaps more importantly, why.  Because we work directly with small craft producers, the wines are amazingly reflective of the passion and personalities behind them.  They craft their wines for those perfect experiences described above and we are beyond excited to share them with you!  So start to answer the age-old question, "what is your favorite wine" and try it out for yourself.

John Wilson


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