Where to Buy Wine

If you're wondering where to buy wine, then assuming you value quality when selecting your wines, the best route is straight from the producer, which we at Winestyr facilitate.  People often wonder whether there is a difference in quality between the small production craft wine we feature on Winestyr and the "good" wine they think they can buy in stores (bottle shops, liquor stores, Coscto, etc.).  The answer is absolutely yes, and I'll use a comparison below to explain.

The decision you make concerning where to buy wine makes a big difference with respect to the quality of the wine you purchase.  Switching from store-bought wine to the craft wine we feature on Winestyr is like upgrading operating systems on a computer or getting a new phone.  Many users (usually tech nerds) will immediately laud the upgraded model as being far superior to the old product.  Most of us will contend that there is almost no noticeable improvement from the old product.  Others still (usually me), will actually complain that the old system was fine and it's annoying to have to switch.  The funny thing is, if you ask all of those people a year later to go back and use the old product, they unanimously agree that the new product is vastly superior.  Whether they noticed it immediately or not, the improvements are glaring and that's when you often times hear people say "I can't believe we actually used to use that."

That's how it is when you make the switch from drinking store-bought wine (wine that's almost always there as a result of it having been produced in enough quantity to be commoditized through economies-of-scale) to the passion-filled craft wine we feature on Winestyr.  You may fall into any of the three categories described above, but if you commit to drinking craft wine (read: better wine), you'll actually be embarrassed that you ever did it another way before.  You will realize that the wines on our site will beat similarly priced wine you think you're being smart purchasing in the store EVERY time.  That's not to say you need to spend more money.  We have an outstanding selection of wines under $20/bottle.  So if you still think you're being smart or playing it safe by buying your wine in the store, quit lying to yourself and step into reality when considering where to buy wine.  I promise you won't regret it - as I said before, you'll probably feel a bit sheepish that you waited so long.

To make sure wine can legally be shipped to your state, please visit the wineinstitute.org.


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