Why are there so many liquor laws?

Liquor laws

To answer a question with a question, who controlled alcoholic beverage distribution before Congress ratified the 21st Amendment and thereby repealed prohibition? Answer: bad guys like Al Capone and their corrupt organizations. It’s not like these people just went away and decided to give up on their huge money-making alcoholic beverage endeavors. They were just legitimized is all.

They got politicians to pass protectionist laws that mandated and guaranteed their wholesale existence. These laws basically state that a producer, BY LAW, may only sell to a wholesaler, who BY LAW, may only sell to a retailer, who BY LAW, is the only entity which may sell to a consumer. Check out this simple diagram on our site for a bird’s eye view. 

These laws have been explained as being necessary for the protection of the greater public. In other words, mandating the existence of wholesalers and the three-tier system in general, according to its proponents, keeps alcohol out of the hands of minors, allows for more consumer choice, keeps pricing in check, so on and so forth… That’s why you never see teenagers accessing alcoholic beverages from liquor stores, bars, grocery stores (all retailers); the three-tier system keeps that from happening. It’s also why you’re able to access products from such a wide variety of producers in these places (generally 3 producers accounts for 90% of all shelf space – they just slap different labels on their same mass-produced crap). 

If you caught the sarcasm there, congratulations for being able to spot the obvious. The reason there are so many liquor laws is that corrupt folks and their crony politicians want it that way – it’s to their benefit and completely void of any legitimate reason for existence. Now this isn't to say all wholesalers are gangsters; not at all.  I've met many truly great people from wholesalers. The point I'm making is that their position in the market is largely the result if this absurd mandated legal structure that itself was largely the result of shady dealings between gangsters and their crony politicians. Now that it is there, those who benefit from it are attempting to perpetuate the baloney by spending millions of dollars on lobbying efforts to protect their legally mandated position in the market. If that makes you angry, then you now understand the primary motivating factor behind Winestyr's existence. So visit our marketplace and support our noble cause!


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