Winestyr Goes Hipstyr

Winestyr's hipster logo

Artisanal. Handmade. Authentic. Craft. All words that are made to establish a brand as unique, different, the opposite of mass-produced. So why, designer Tim Delger asks, are all of the logos for boutique brands becoming so interchangeable? With the Hipster Logo Design Guide, he pokes fun an abundance of trends-- ribbons, fake crests, old-timey wording (purveyors? really?)-- and hits the nail on the head.

Here at Winestyr, we prefer to let our wine set us apart from the mass-produced competition. But if you're curious, here's an explanation of what we view as craft wine.

All that being said, though, it was really nice to get this hipster version of our logo out of my system. Anyone know where I can get a rubber stamp made?

Jordan Johnson


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  • Krysta Gahagen
    This is great, Jordan. Every little bit of it.
  • Jordan Johnson
    Thanks Krysta! I had more fun than I'd like to admit designing it.