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2010 Merlot

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By: Fore Family Vineyards

In: Carneros, CA

750mL / 14.8% ABV

Buy this wine and learn why Merlot is a major component of the great wines of Bordeaux - tastes much older than it is


A velvety smooth Merlot that really showcases how good this grape can be when handled well. If you've stayed away from Merlot in the post-Sideways movie climate, try this wine - we're absolutely positive you'll be back for more.


Fore Family's Lake County Cobb Mountain vineyard is a true mountain top vineyard, surrounded by big timber, Ponderosa Pine, Firs and Black Oaks. The loose, rocky, red hills volcanic soil is extremely well drained and when you combine this terroir with Lake County's tremendous sun and Cobb Mountain’s cool evenings it gives them the perfect opportunity to produce premium wine grapes. Fore Family Vineyards has a goal of limiting production and continuing with their low yield program so that they can produce a high-quality wine for you to enjoy for years to come.

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