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2016 Riley's Rows Chardonnay

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Appellation: North Coast

By: Riley's Rows

In: Healdsburg, CA

750mL / 14.0% ABV

Winestyr Review

This 2016 Riley's Rows Chardonnay is a perfect example of Riley's talent as a wine-maker. Its restrained acidity is balanced by refreshing citrus fruit flavors, and tied together with a healthy amount of body that results from its barrel fermentation. In an age when so many Chardonnays possess offensively high concentrations of oak, acid, or body, the overall result here is a wine that possesses all those characteristics, but in a beautifully balanced fashion reflective of classic very well made Chardonnay. 215 cases produced.

What We Love

  • Barrel fermentation
  • Restrained acidity
  • Citrus fruit flavors

Buy this wine if you appreciate great Chardonnay, or if you need an example of why you should.


We were introduced to Riley Flanagan through mutual friends who raved about her wines. Upon meeting her, it quickly became clear that she has a maturity and command of her art far beyond her years. Her outgoing and engaging personality are a wonderful compliment to her gifted wine-making abilities. We are excited to welcome Riley to the Winestyr platform, and to have a front row seat as she makes her mark on the wine industry.


Riley Flanagan planted her first grapevine when she was just two years old with the help of her father, Eric. From that moment on, her desire to make wine has fueled her efforts to become a winemaker who "produces great wines, made with integrity, at an accessible price." The name, "Riley's Rows," is a heartfelt reference to the vines she planted with her father many years ago, and with her current releases, she is excited to share the first ever bottling of wine made from those very plants. We had the opportunity to meet Riley, and are beyond impressed with her command of the very difficult art of wine-making at a very young age. We expect her name to be a presence in the industry for a long time to come, and are proud to be a part of this stage in her journey.

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Customer Reviews

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    Aroma - citrus. Body - full mouth feel. Acidity - fairly creamy. Finish - light, slightly tart.