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2012 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

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Appellation: Russian River Valley AVA

By: The Austin Winery

In: Austin, TX

750mL / 14.5% ABV

Winestyr Review

This Pinot Noir is comprised of grapes from three different vineyards in the Russian River Valley, the most notable one being the famed Split Rock Vineyard. We get some bright fruit and earthy tones on the nose of this cool climate wine. Nice acidity, minerality, and soft tannins make this a medium bodied Pinot Noir that pairs well with almost all foods. Light or heavy, meat or fish - break this bottle out and you will not be disappointed.

What We Love

  • Versatile food wine
  • Bright fruit
  • Hints of spice

This is a food-friendly, cool climate Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley


The Austin Winery creates partnerships with small, family-owned vineyards across the country that adhere to biodynamic practices. Ross and Cooper (owner and winemaker) are young and passionate up and comers in the wine industry. Each year when harvest time rolls around, they hit the road to get to work crushing and de-stemming in the fields, turning the grapes into grape must, packing the must (or grapes) into macrobins, and loading them into a refrigerated truck to get them back to Austin so Cooper can start making wine. Their mission is to craft approachable wines that represent both the region the grapes were grown in and the varietal. If you're ever in Austin, TX, be sure to stop by for a laid back wine tasting with these guys...after your trip to Franklin BBQ of course.


When we began our conversation with The Austin Winery, we'll be the first to admit that we were apprehensive about partnering with a winery based in Austin, TX. After getting to know the founding team and learning more about the expertly selected California vineyard sites that they were sourcing grapes from, we were much more intrigued - so we tasted their wines and we were impressed. Owner, Ross, and winemaker, Cooper, do an admirable job of handpicking the perfect vineyards based on the style of wine they're trying to produce, while also adding a bold Texas edge to their wines during the winemaking process. Combine that with their commitment to sustainability and everyday price points, and The Austin Winery is a winery that we are thrilled to get behind.

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