The Winestyr Difference

We left our jobs in 2011 and founded winestyr to build a better way to discover and purchase wine from the country’s best producers.

The Process

Unlike most online wine stores, we taste every wine that we list on our site, as well as lots of wines that don’t make the cut. We take price into account and seek out solid value in the wines that we work with, but quality and authenticity are more important to us than finding a deal. We personally meet with each of our wineries in an effort to strengthen our partnerships and get a feel for the place where each wine comes from and the artisans who create them.

Our Wineries

Our wineries range from the oldest family run winery in Napa Valley to some of the most cutting edge, new age producers in the country. They all have three things in common: their production is limited, their wines are high in quality, and they’re all insanely passionate people. Most of our wineries produce between 1,000 and 10,000 cases of wine per year. To put this into perspective, wineries that produce under 50,000 cases of wine per year are considered to be “small” by industry standards - so the wineries we work with are “really small.”

Our Portfolio

We strive to seek out wines and wineries that rouse us. From traditional Cabs to cutting edge regions, varietals, or blends - wines in our portfolio have one thing in common - they stand out. The vast majority of wines in our portfolio have received critical acclaim. These wines offer an incredible array of style, flair, and nuance that you just can't get from their mass-produced counterparts. Think of it like the difference between a generations old, family run, hidden gem of a restaurant versus that chain restaurant in the strip mall. The wines we work with have character.