About Us

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The Winestyr Story

In a world where store shelves are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with mass-produced wines and marketer-created brands, Winestyr offers an alternative. We’ve spent countless hours searching for the best small wine producers, tasted thousands of wines, and have genuinely immersed ourselves in our passion for discovering wines that move us. Based in Sonoma County, CA, our mission is to relentlessly curate the best selection of small production wines possible and make them accessible to you through the most authentic wine buying experience out there.

The Problem

Fact: Over half the wine sold in the U.S. is made by one of three giant producers. These industry behemoths have done a pretty incredible smoke and mirrors act by creating countless brands that look like small production wineries, but, in fact, most of the wine you can find at restaurants or on store shelves comes from the same place. The end result is the proliferation of homogeneous, boring wines.

The Solution

We couldn't find an online experience that lived up to our standards of curation, transparency, and authenticity - so we built one. Winestyr gives you unprecedented access to a curated collection of wines from the over 7,000 wineries in the United States. Most of these producers are actually too small to warrant the attention of retailers so they are genuinely hard to find. Until now. We’ve combed the country for the best producers, met with hundreds of winemakers, and tasted thousands of wines. We make our favorites available to you here.

Bob Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

With almost ten years of wine industry experience, Bob got his start working inside a large wholesaler in Chicago representing the portfolios of some of the largest wine and spirits suppliers in the world. Bob is a Certified Specialist of Wine (C.S.W.) accredited by the Society of Wine Educators. A lifelong dog lover, he is passionate about traveling, reading, and music. Bob holds a B.S. in Finance from CU-Boulder and graduated in 2006.

John Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

John is an expert in DTC wine law, and when he’s not trying to keep Winestyr out of trouble, he enjoys spending weekends in Michigan’s Harbor Country with his wife, newborn son, and their siberian husky. John holds a B.S. from CU-Boulder, and a J.D. and M.B.A. from Loyola University Chicago.

Scott Washburn, Chief Growth Officer

Scott learned the art of internet sales as an early employee at Groupon in Chicago. He owns a Big Green Egg (look it up) and aspires to one day start a competitive barbecue team. Scott holds a B.S. in Finance from CU-Boulder and graduated in 2006.