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Our Customers Agree

“My first order was executed seamlessly and
I love the first 3 bottles I have opened.”

– Chris, New York

“Great selection of unique wine
and customer service is on point!”

– Ben, Chicago

“Great wines you can't find in stores.
Easy to use, nice interface.”

– John, San Francisco


We Curate

We taste the best small-production wines in the country and select our favorites

You Discover

Browse our collection of wines, send a gift, or set it and forget it with one of our wine clubs

Sit Back & Relax

Your wine will be shipped quickly and conveniently to your doorstep
550 reviews 4.9/5 stars

Love This Concept!

I love the personalized aspects of Winestyr and the exclusive feel. The tasting lounge has a great vibe and the wine prices are reasonable.

Good stuff

Good stuff

Unbelievable Value

We get to taste wines that we would otherwise never get to taste. Love hearing about the small, family owned vineyards that produce these wines. It's an experience unlike any other!

New Member

My wife and I just joined the club and have been thrilled with the wines. Getting small production wines at such a good value makes the club wworth joining. We live in Chicago so having the tasting room just makes it that much better. Cheers

New member

We received our first shipment and it was lovely. Packaging was great. Very happy with the selection and looking forward to the next one.