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    Acclaimed Wines from Real Producers

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    Modern, Sophisticated Packaging

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    Personalized Handwritten Note

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602 reviews 4.9/5 stars

Amazing wines. Amazing value.

I’m a serious wine dude. Gettin access to some of the most premier, hard to find wines made by some of the best winemakers at unbelievable prices is a no-brainer! Thank you Winestyr for procuring real wines, with character, personality and a sense of place. Bravo!!

Great venue, fun vibe!

Enjoyed a wine tasting with friends at Winestyr. Great venue with a fun vibe. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. Had a good time learning about the wines while tasting them.

Love Everything About Winestyr!

From the early stages of booking a (pretty last minute) tasting when I was there on a business trip, through the service while I was at the tasting and through my first shipment... I have absolutely *nothing* bad to say! And that says something; I’m a very hard person to please and extremely hard judge on customer service/relations. There are too many companies out there (in ANY industry) to choose from... and I won’t be checking out any further wine clubs. Just wish they’d open a location near me!

Great experience

Erin guided us through the night. Great explanation of the wines, plus they were delicious. Space and ambience are great, really well decorated. Highly recommend the experience.

Great place!

Went to Winestyr and my parents loved it so much that they subscribed. Great attention from the staff. The place wasn't crowded and we enjoyed our night very much.