Winestyr redefines wine ecommerce with its revolutionary platform

November 30, 2012

Fueling the Craft Wine Movement

Winestyr + Craft Wineries

Chicago-based Winestyr, a startup that connects consumers directly with craft wineries while cutting out the middlemen, has launched a revolutionary platform allowing consumers to discover and purchase hard-to-find craft wines in a no-nonsense, curated, streamlined fashion. Over 80% of domestic wineries do not have national distribution for their wines - Winestyr aims to bring these amazing, lesser-known producers to the forefront with its revolutionary platform.

The Winestyr Experience -
Great Craft Wines. Insanely Cheap Shipping.

With a focus on UX and design, Winestyr is vastly different from any other wine ecommerce site. Winestyr does not merely move the retail experience online – instead, Winestyr’s platform is a completely new experience where consumers get direct access to amazing craft wines. Furthermore, consumers can relish in the fact that they will never pay more than $10 for shipping on any order from Winestyr, to anywhere in the country. Winestyr’s “occasion-based” recommendations will help millennials choose wines based on what they need the wine for as opposed to an arbitrary 100 point scale propagated by a so-called wine expert. Winestyr will provide personalized recommendations behind all of the wines it features. Need a wine for an in-law gift? When you want to celebrate a promotion? If it’s snowing outside? If you’re planning a big steak dinner? We’ll have you covered.

Why Did the Founders Create Winestyr?

“We wanted to create a platform that would benefit both producers and consumers of wine. Our goal is to allow wineries to tell their story and provide customers an accessible avenue to discover great craft wines that generally aren’t available on their grocer’s shelves,” explains co-founder and CEO Bob Wilson, a wine-industry veteran and Certified Specialist of Wine (C.S.W.). Wilson goes on to explain that Winestyr is the perfect way for everyone from the novice drinker to the wine connoisseur to experience unique, craft wineries from around the country.

How it Works is a free, online platform for consumers to discover new wines curated by the Winestyr staff. Anyone can visit the site to check out the stories of the wines and wineries including tasting notes, bottle shots, and insider knowledge on the vineyards. Consumers benefit from a curated, non-pretentious, streamlined process and get introduced to some of the finest craft producers and wines America has to offer. Winestyr is not only fueling the craft wine movement, but also represents the best online wine buying experience available – benefiting passionate wineries and consumers alike. Featured wineries that are available at launch include Monticello Vineyards, White Oak Vineyards, Windsor Oaks, and Keller Estate, with more being added every week. Consumers can mix and match up to three wineries per order and will never pay more than $10 for shipping.