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2010 Landa Vineyard Viognier

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By: Anaba Wines

In: Sonoma Valley, CA

750mL / 14.2% ABV

Buy this wine and drink it as a great alternative to Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio - a wine that will please lovers of both


A great Viognier from Sonoma. One of the most different wines on our site, this smells like mango and pineapple but has a creamy finish that is unlike any other white. Definitely one to try if you're feeling adventurous!


Cool fact: in 2009, Anaba became the first winery in Northern California to utilize wind power - its 45 foot wind turbine generates electricity for the tasting room, wine storage facility, offices, and irrigation pumps. The name Anaba originates from cool, upward-flowing anabatic winds that soar and swirl through its sustainably-farmed Carneros Estate vineyards. Anaba's Rhône-style wines are artistic blends, inspired by the rugged earthiness of France's Rhône Valley, while their Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs reflect the elegance and grace of the gently sloping vineyards found in Burgundy. On top of all that, Proprietor, John Sweazey, is just a great guy that really loves the wine industry. He's a native of our hometown, Chicago, and it doesn't seem like moving to the West Coast has changed him one bit.

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