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2017 Electric Bennett Valley Syrah

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Appellation: Bennett Valley AVA

By: Guthrie Family Wines

In: Kenwood, CA

750mL / 13.0% ABV

Winestyr Review

Seeing Blair Guthrie's face light up when we tried this together, it's obvious how much this wine means to him. This is the style he enjoys most, carbonic maceration in the cellar to turn up the aromatics of this single vineyard site. The wine is intensely peppery but finishes mouth watering and clean.

What We Love

  • Carbonic Syrah
  • Single vineyard sourcing
  • Acclaimed winemaking

This is among the most food friendly wines in the portfolio right now.


Guthrie Family Wines is the side project of New Zealand native, winemaker Blair Guthrie, who spends his days as winemaker for Napa Valley's Stewart Cellars and Hollis Wines. He sources fruit from top vineyards and makes these wines in a decidedly different style than what you find in traditional wines from Napa Valley.


We don’t hope to follow trends, but instead let the vineyards and the conditions of a certain vineyard for a given year tell us what to do with the wine. We’re there with it every day, from when it’s picked to when it’s bottled. The wines we make represent everything we love and believe in: love for wine, family, and this dream that we live everyday here in wine country. Caroline and I have always thought making wine is about getting your hands dirty and getting as close to the dirt as you can. The earth is what gives us the wine, and that’s what need to be known. It’s where my relationship with the wine starts.

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Customer Reviews

  • Verified Purchase

    This was one of the best reds we've had!

  • Better the 2nd night

    Verified Purchase

    This bottle was a lot better after being open a day. Husband didn’t enjoy as much as I did, but he also only had one glass, immediately after the bottle was opened.

  • Verified Purchase

    My wife liked it, but not my favorite. A little too strong (Spicey, peppery) up front. Although the finish is smooth, catches me by surprise when I first sip.