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2012 Chardonnay

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By: McFadden Vineyard

In: Potter Valley, Mendocino, CA

750mL / 14.1% ABV

Buy this organic Chardonnay and make it your everyday wine - clean, refreshing, and organic


This is a great, great organically produced Chardonnay from McFadden in the Potter Valley. If you're a fan of Chablis or White Burgundy in general, you will like this Chardonnay - this is completely unoaked and does not have any of that butteryness found in many Cali Chards. Delicious.


With names like Guinness and Jameson McFadden, it might seem odd that this family ended up in the wine business. However, over the years, McFadden's grapes have represented a significant portion of many award winning wines in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. Unlike many organic farms, McFadden Vineyard was organic from the very beginning. These wines are made from organically grown grapes - meaning that at no time were any chemical fertilizers or pesticides ever used in the production of the grapes in McFadden's wines.

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