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2009 Zinfandel 3-Pack

( 9 )

2009 Zinfandel

By: Optima Winery

In: Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, CA


Buy this Zinfandel and drink it all year long - a serious value and find for Zin lovers


A spicy and fruit forward Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley. This wine has a lot going on - great fruit, good spice notes, good acid and a nice long finish. This would be great with some BBQ, and is an excellent value - pick this up if you haven't yet explored the great world of Red Zin.


The story of how the founder of Optima Winery won over his wife is too good of a story not to tell. Mike Duffy had been making amazing Optima wines since 1984, but didn't meet his eventual wife until 2000 when he picked Nicol's son to play for a traveling soccer team that he coached. One night, after getting to know each other, Nicol invited Mike to dinner and pulled out a bottle of Optima Russian River Chardonnay. Mike promptly explained to her that Optima was his winery and he made that wine. After hearing that, she knew she had to marry him, so in 2001 Mike and Nicol got married at a winery in Healdsburg. Now THAT is the power of craft wine!

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