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2016 Rossi-Wallace Napa Valley Zinfandel

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Appellation: Napa Valley AVA

By: Rossi-Wallace

In: St. Helena, CA

750mL / 14.8% ABV

Winestyr Review

Well, is it California Zinfandel or Tuscan Sangiovese? A very pretty, bright garnet color does not reveal its’ source. Even aromas and flavor delude. Let’s face it … it’s both old California and Tuscan combined with its’ racy-gamy aromas and flavors … and a lot of fun to drink! This is what folks who love red wine like to put on the table often.

What We Love

  • Critically acclaimed
  • Completely unique blend

This is a great Napa Valley Zinfandel for fans of the varietal.


Over a Mother's Day lunch, Cheryl told her family that it was time to make something of her own, something personal. She left Colonna Farrell, bought 10 tons of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from her father, recruited her kids for labor and started her own label, Emmolo Wines. Cheryl loved representing her Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot wines, especially carrying on the Emmolo legacy for 20 years. On January 1st, 2014, Cheryl passed her dream onto the next generation; her daughter, Jenny Wagner Clark. Cheryl is very proud that Jenny is now carrying on the legacy which allows her more time to spend with Ric and Rossi-Wallace. Ric is a UC Davis alum and has welcomed his technical knowledge of winemaking throughout his career, but his real roots lie in his early introduction to the traditional methods used in Europe. His philosophy is similar to those ancient Bordeaux vignerons: soil and climate and that unquantifiable "somewhereness" is the key to great wine; science merely serves as a supplement. It was a few years after Ric and Cheryl married that the couple began talking about making wine together as well as separately. Neither wanted to relinquish their own labels, but the chance to make another wine, side by side? It was too tempting to resist.


Rossi-Wallace is a collaboration between Napa Valley legend, Ric Forman, and his wife Cheryl Emmolo. Both wine industry veterans and Napa Valley natives, they set out to create their favorite wine (Pinot Noir) in their favorite style (Burgundian) and Rossi-Wallace is the result. The resulting wines are exceptional and represent a balanced, pleasurable expression of Pinot Noir that melds the best of Napa Valley and Burgundy. We're proud to have their wines in the Winestyr portfolio.

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