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2017 Urgency Cabernet Sauvignon

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Appellation: California

By: Shannon Ridge

In: Nice, CA

750mL / 14.1% ABV

Winestyr Review

The Urgency Cabernet Sauvignon from Shannon Ridge is one of the better values we've come across when it comes to California Cabs. Deep, yet approachable, red and black fruit flavors lead the way to well-integrated notes of vanilla, tobacco, and toasted oak. This wine is fuller bodied with bold flavors, but it's soft and approachable enough to enjoy in its youth. This wine will make a strong case to be one of your go-to choices to have around for personal imbibing and entertaining alike. Certified sustainable.

What We Love

  • Great value
  • Smooth and approachable

This is a great value for a easy-drinking California Cab that you won't feel guilty about opening up multiple times per week.


At Shannon Ridge they are dedicated to creating a family of wines that consumers love at top-quality and affordable prices. They are passionate about preserving their land, not only for great vineyard sites, but for the wild creatures which share their property. A Certified Sustainable producer, their sustainability practices integrate a flock of sheep that clean the vineyards, remove the excess canopy, and reduce the need for chemicals, while providing natural fertilizer.


A certified sustainable producer, Shannon Ridge is as dedicated being stewards of their land as they are to producing top-quality wines at affordable prices. They've been successful in both pursuits, having earned vast critical acclaim for their wines which come from vineyards tended and cared for in large part by a flock of sheep. This natural, sustainable practice reduces the need for herbicides, mowers, and human crews, while also reducing erosion and wildfire risk. We're very proud to have their wines in our portfolio.

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