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2016 Hollis Cabernet Sauvignon

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Appellation: Napa Valley AVA

By: Stewart Cellars

In: Yountville, CA

750mL / 14.5% ABV

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Sourced from the Max Vineyard in Yountville and our own estate vineyard, Hollis is fruit forward and balanced with well integrated French oak. Hand picked and sorted, Hollis is is a great expressions of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon crafted with care by our family winemaker, Blair Guthrie, and our consulting winemaker, Paul Hobbs.

What We Love

  • Critically acclaimed pedigree
  • Great value for Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a wonderful Napa Cab at this price point and would be a great gift, addition to the cellar, or simply to enjoy now.


At Stewart Cellars, they're inspired by the quest - the quest for the ideal site, for consistently lush fruit, for the like-minded grower who labors toward the perfect expression of a vineyard. They build lasting relationships with viticulturists and together they test the limits of what an exceptional patch of soil can yield. Their requirement for the resulting wine is simple: it must deliver beyond expectation every time. Their quest takes them to some of the most respected vineyards across the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. With a focus on vineyard designate wines that exemplify the terroir of their respective vineyards, the wines consistently over deliver.


Founded in 2000, Stewart Cellars is the collaborative project of founder Michael Stewart, his son James Stewart, daughter Caroline Stewart Guthrie, and son-in-law Blair Guthrie. Together, the family oversees all aspects of the winery’s operations: James, an artist who left behind a burgeoning career in television and music for hands-on work in sales, marketing and distribution; Caroline, who leads the day to day operations along with each wine’s development; and Blair, the winemaker who works closely alongside acclaimed consulting winemaker Paul Hobbs to capture the signature terroir of Stewart’s premier vineyards and vineyard sources.

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Customer Reviews

  • Verified Purchase

    Enjoyed immensely

  • Verified Purchase

    Don't really remember this, so obviously didn't make an impression.

  • Verified Purchase

    I loved this wine! Great body and flavors!

  • Verified Purchase

    This was our favorite out of the three! We typically like Cabernet so I am not surprised, this didn't disappoint.