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2020 Muscat

750 ML / 10.6% ABV

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Producer Teutonic Wine Company

Varietal Muscat

Vintage 2020

Region Oregon - Willamette Valley

Certifications Low Sulfur Natural Organic Sustainable Vegan

Winestyr Review

The Teutonic Wine Company 2020 Muscat is a study in wild, untamed, beautiful, and outright luscious aromatic power. Running the spectrum from dried apricots and mango slices to honeycomb and sunflower, this is quite the experience for an entirely unique wine in the American cannon. Fermented completely dry, pair this wine with similarly aromatic foods or personalities in your group!

The Winery

Teutonic Wine Company

While serving as the wine buyer at Papa Haydn Restaurant in Portland. German wine importer Ewald Moseler showed Barnaby 14 different Rieslings from Germany’s famed Mosel wine region. Within minutes, Barnaby bought all 14 en route to starting one of the largest German wine lists in Portland. That same night, Barnaby told his wife and partner, Olga, that he needed to learn how to make wines as expressive to terroir as these Rieslings. Fast forward about 15 years, and Teutonic is on the forefront of winemaking in Oregon.

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