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Forestville, CA

Wilde Farm Wines

The deft touch of Pax Mahle

Wilde Farm was a place long before it was a wine. Built in 1907 on the estate of Samuel Wilde, a successful coffee and spice trader, Wilde Farm began as a horse farm, with a generous kitchen garden of vegetables and herbs. Much like its eponymous wine, the house was expertly crafted of honest materials and made to age gracefully. About twenty years ago, Wilde Farm proprietors, Loren and Amy Grossman, took over custody of Wilde Farm. There they raised three beautiful boys, in the only home they have ever known.

Heritage vines throughout Sonoma and Mendocino

Old vines, crunchy wines

Wilde Farm makes wines from old vines and exceptional vineyards in very small quantities under the expert winemaking hand of Pax Mahle. The wines are bright, balanced, and made by hand with an emphasis on balance of acid and fruit. Vineyard sources include the heritage vines at Bedrock, Halcon, and Alder Springs. While the wines have received substantial critical acclaim, they’re meant to be popped, poured, and enjoyed in whatever setting you deem necessary. We're proud to have them in the Winestyr portfolio.