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Cinco De Mayo Wine Pairings

From red blends to rosé, learn more about wines that pair perfectly with Mexican cuisine on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo may be a notorious beer-drinking holiday, but there are so many wines that pair perfectly alongside the deeply soulful and richly complex flavors and aromas in Mexican cuisine. If you’re putting the suds aside and reaching for your corkscrew, check out our recommended wine pairings below!

Mole Poblano

Pairing: 2016 Jonata Todos Red Blend

Mole is one of the most iconic dishes on Earth, let alone from Mexico. This decadent, hauntingly delicious sauce is perhaps at its best when served over a hunk of braised or roasted chicken and is a natural partner for the 2016 Jonata Todos Red Vineyard Blend. This enchanting blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and others will keep you coming back for another helping all night.


Pairing: 2019 LIOCO Indica Red

No, we're not talking about the gimmicky Taco Bell versions. but authentic Chalupas are a traditional street food in Puebla. Almost like a taco/tostada hybrid, you can get creative with using all types of standard or esoteric toppings. That's why we like the LIOCO 2019 Indica Red to pair, as its grapes harken back to a more historic style of California wine while the flavors and texture are anything but classic.

Chile Relleno

Pairing: 2020 Division-Villages Rosé of Gamay Noir

While popular here in the U.S., this is another dish that traces its roots to Puebla. When you have poblano peppers, cheese, optional meat, and crispy batter, you need a wine as varied and complex as the dish. The Division-Villages 2020 Division-Villages “l’Avoiron” Rosé of Gamay Noir is just that, as its minerality and mouth watering finish will cleanse your palate in preparation for another bite.

These are just a handful of wine pairings that can take your Cinco de Mayo festivities to another level. Plenty of crisp, white wines would compliment seafood or spicy dishes and you can also experiment with lighter-bodied, chilled reds if the weather permits. Cheers and Happy Cinco de Mayo!