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Five Best Places To Get A Drink In Santa Rosa, CA

Go Out Of Your Way To Grab A Drink At These Spots In Sonoma County

The Rundown

While known as the largest town Sonoma County has to offer, Santa Rosa has also developed an impressive nightlife. What's consistent in all towns with a great nightlife? Drinks. There are a lot of great bars in Santa Rosa, a wide variety of cocktails, wine bars and craft breweries. To make life easier for you I’ve narrowed the drink scene down to five locations with some respected drink recommendations. So here you have it - I give you the top five places in Santa Rosa to enjoy a drink.

5. Jackson’s

Residing on the corner of 4th street and Railroad Square, Jackson’s is the perfect spot for a slightly off the wall, yet delicious cocktail before things get a little less classy. I dare you not to giggle while ordering drinks like ’99 problems (But my drink ain’t one)’ or ‘Ghetto Cowboy.' Just like the cocktail names, Jackson’s has a very light hearted atmosphere with a great staff who will out class you all day everyday and twice on Sundays. The wine selection is impressive and the beers are respectable. With two massive flat screen TV’s and a comfortable bar area, Jackson’s should be your first stop on a Friday night.

The Safe Bet - Blood Diamonds

Try Something New - J.W.A

My Personal Favorite - Drank in My Cup

Something to Snack On - Prosciutto and Pear Pizza

4. Jack and Tony’s

After a couple drinks at Jackson’s take the short trip down the street to Jack and Tony’s. This joint has the largest Whiskey menu in Santa Rosa. Jack and Tony’s is literally a whiskey lover’s heaven. J&T has hundreds of whiskeys available at any time, that’s right HUNDREDS! Ranging from your traditional bourbons, American whiskeys, Irish whiskey’s and Scotch to the more adventurous Japanese and Canadian Whiskey’s. Their cocktails are award winning and the ceviche is to die for; this is a must stop for all whiskey connoisseurs.

The Safe Bet - The Denzel

Try Something New - Two Tickets to Pear-A-Dice

My Personal Favorite - Prichard’s Single Malt Bourbon

Something to Snack On - Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops on Risotto with Apple Cider Reduction

3. Stark’s Steak & Seafood

Stark’s has quite possibly the greatest happy hour of all time; get this - $2.50 martinis, need I say more? Traditionally, Starks is a classy joint, however, when happy hour rolls around the steak hits the fan. Starks has an extensive craft beer menu for you Sonoma County micro brew snobs, as well as a wine list that will satisfy most wine-o’s. The food is fantastic and the ambiance is quite enjoyable, with live jazz and blues music playing while you sip on your world-class martini. Stark’s is a must stop for anyone looking for a drink in Santa Rosa.

The Safe Bet - Beefeater Martini

Try Something New - The Root of Evil

My Personal Favorite - Blood & Sand

Something to Snack On - Crispy Calamari

2. Willi’s Wine Bar

How could we not have a wine bar on the list in Sonoma County? At the center of wine country, Willi's Wine Bar offers the best of local Sonoma County wines in addition to international wines. The wine menu is vast and offers a bit of everything (including beer). Whether you are just getting into wine or you have the palate of a seasoned sommelier, this is the place for you. Luckily, if you are indecisive like me when seeing a massive wine list, Willi's offers flights as well as wine by the glass. They offer a true tasting experience that is educational and exceptional. Willi’s puts the class in Santa Rosa.

The Safe Bet - Schramsberg Blanc De Blancs

Try Something New - Duende Tempranillo

My Personal Favorite - Romililly Monte Rosso Zinfandel

Something to Snack On - Curried Crab Tacos with Apple, Cucumber & Mint 

1. Russian River Brewing Company

Ah, yes, good old Russian River Brewery, or as I like to call it, nectar of the gods. Russian River is regarded as one of the best breweries in the world and sits in the middle of downtown Santa Rosa. Beer lovers from across the world make the trip to come visit the holy land that is Russian River Brewing Company. The selection of beers on tap at any given time is double what you’d see at any other craft brewery, and they are all to die for. Ranging from massive hoppy west coast style ales to the unique sours and Belgian beers, Russian River has it all. The bar is always packed and full of Santa Rosa regulars. Getting to the bar and ordering a beer is just as exciting as tasting the liquid gold that is produced by this brewery. If you find a spot at the bar, hold on to that seat for dear life and never let it go; just sit there and enjoy the best beer on the planet earth.

The Safe Bet - Pliny the Elder

Try Something New - Consecration

My Personal Favorite - Row 2, Hill 56

Something to Snack On - Pliny Bites

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