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January 2022 Winestyr Newsletter

Wine Trends for 2022

Last year, we predicted that the ambition of Oregon's emerging wine regions would finally reach the mainstream in 2021. And it did! As we kick off 2022, we're expecting winemakers to be innovative not only with where they're sourcing from, but what they're sourcing to begin with.


While the devastating fires of 2020 were thankfully avoided in much of wine country, wineries are still bracing for the lingering effects on their production and sales. In an effort to avoid complete losses, many wineries turned towards making more rosé and white wines than normal. Be on the lookout for more examples of fun, esoteric blush wines this year or even white wines made from typically red grapes–like Left Coast Estate's White Pinot Noir. These are the wines that will ensure wineries in Willamette Valley, Sonoma, and Napa can make it through the expected stock shortages, so make sure you support them!


More than a few wineries on the Winestyr platform found themselves needing to look beyond their estate vineyards for fruit. Some even decided to change the fruit they were looking for! While it remains to be seen if it has staying power, the emergence of sparkling grape/orchard fruit beverages has been fascinating to watch. Producers like Guthrie Family Wines have released stunning examples of complex, dry sparkling ciders, for example. Others are crafting lightly alcoholic concoctions of berries, grapes, and herbs. Wild times, indeed.