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2019 Sauvignon Blanc

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Appellation: Mendocino County AVA

By: Populis Wines

In: Orinda, CA

750mL / 12.6% ABV

Winestyr Review

The fruit that went into this natural wine comes exclusively from the Venturi Vineyard in Mendocino County, which was planted 70 years ago and has never received a drop of irrigation. This isn't your typical California Sauvignon Blanc as it is more mineral driven and less floral. This wine is crisp, refreshing, and just a joy to drink. Like previous vintages, this wine will sell out very quickly.

What We Love

  • Natural wine
  • Mineral-driven

This is one of our favorite Sauvignon Blancs year in and year out.


Populis Wines - Diego Roig and Shaunt Oungoulian - has one goal: to bring great, natural wine to the masses. They specialize in finding amazing vineyards all over Northern California where the farming is top notch. No Herbicides, no Synthetic pesticides, always organic, always old vines, and always complex with out of this world terroir. Once they hunt down these special vineyards, they do all they can to not screw it up -- and by that they mean no additions, no intervention, no tomfoolery-- just straight up fermented juice.


Populis is dedicated to making honest, terroir-driven, natural wines available at an affordable price. Populis is at the forefront of the natural wine trend that is sweeping the nation. I've been asked many times what natural wine is and the best, concise definition is that natural wine comes from old vine vineyards that use no herbicides, no synthetic pesticides, and the fruit is organic. The wine is then made with as little intervention as possible - no manipulation, no added ingredients, no filtering, extremely low sulfites - and fermented with indigenous yeast. The resulting wines are funky, complex, interesting, and approachable to drink. We're excited to have Populis as part of our portfolio, and we know you'll enjoy their wines.

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Customer Reviews

  • Verified Purchase

    This is delicious! My favorite Sav Blanc

  • Verified Purchase

    Very low sulfite. Very drinkable. Not harsh.

  • Verified Purchase

    great crisp white for summer