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2017 Mendocino Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

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Appellation: Mendocino Ridge AVA

By: Waits-Mast Family Cellars


750mL / 14.6% ABV

Winestyr Review

A full bodied expression of the variety, packed with tropical fruits like guava, kiwi, and even a hint of reductive minerality. The wine doesn't lack for mouthfeel thanks to a prickly texture and an everlasting, almost sunbaked finish. Just 60 cases produced of this single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc from the highlands of Mendocino Ridge.

What We Love

  • Full bodied Sauvignon Blanc
  • Aromatic intensity
  • Rugged landscape single vineyard

Pair this wine with aromatic foods of Thai origin or even a plate of schnitzel and potato salad.


Since the beginning, Waits-Mast Family Cellars has focused its efforts on single-vineyard Pinot Noir from the often foggy, cool-climate regions of California. Pinot Noir has been their favorite varietal because of its nuances, complexity, and its ability take on the personality and traits of each individual vineyard and site. Starting with the 2012 vintage, they began concentrating their efforts even further, by emphasizing wines from the Northern California appellations of Anderson Valley, Mendocino Ridge, and Mendocino County. Their goal is to work with intriguing vineyards and to let the unique characteristics – from coastal proximity to hillside placement – shine through in the wine.


Waits-Mast Family Cellars was founded by Brian Mast and Jennifer Waits in 2005. Before they started to make wine, they were passionate wine consumers, spending many weekends exploring small wineries all over California and beyond. After years of research in books and afield, they crafted their first barrel of Pinot Noir in 2005. Pleased with the results, they continued the following year. Their shift from wine geeks to winemakers quickly eschewed Waits-Mast to cult-like status in the world of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. With too many accolades to name, the wines precede themselves.

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Customer Reviews

  • Tastes heavy

    Verified Purchase

    I personally think this wine tastes heavier than a typical sauv blanc. (I was going to give it 3 stars) But my husband likes it, so upped the review to 4 stars. I buy most of our wine and this will not be on a future shopping list.